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A representation to the world's people
on behalf of the Qome (Gypsy) race by Mr. Jerry Mason (1957 at age 15).

But first a bit of Mr. Mason's discography

Mr. Mason’s career as a professional singer started after he had won a hundred dollars on a local amateur hour called the Wilken’s Amateur Hour in 1957 (a chain of local jewelry stores) in his home town of Pittsburgh, PA.  At the end of the year all the winning contestants competed for the grand prize of 500 dollars.  Mr. Mason had won that too.
The song he won with was the Dean Martin hit record titled “Sway” at that time.
    While attending 5th Ave. High school, Mr. Mason was offered a singing scholarship from Schenley College in which he regretfully had to decline because of sick parents and pressing poverty.His favorite subjects in high school in which he felt he was quite good at were; wood shop, mechanical drawing and singing.  The lady that was responsible for the offer of the singing scholarship for him was his high school music teacher, Mrs. Pete Wilson, a black American lady.
     Mr. Mason says the word “gypsy” is a humiliating and degrading name tag for us.  The word is not a nationality or a way of life.  Our language does exist.  We do not know its true origin or time of conception.  My real ethnic origin is Greek Italian and Russian.  My nationality is American. Our Literary scholars now title us "Romas". Thank God for this miracle.  It's the first step in the right direction for us.  This is still not correct though, it would be more correct to say "Qomonia" but the word Roma is still nicer than being called gypsies.  Mr. Mason now makes his last and final stand.  He released his music to the world on his own and prays to Our Lord Jehovah Jihra and his wonderful Son Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior for Their help to allow him to have his dream come true …which is to be accepted by the world’s public in his singing career. This was, and still is, his fondest dream. That is, to sing for you.   Watch for future release of Mr. Mason’s autobiography titled, 

I’m Jerry Mason an American Gypsy

A story of endurance and triumph

Reader, if you had four major chances in your youth to achieve your American dreams and you were denied your dreams, not because of your worth at your professional craft but denied, because of your ethnic origin.  Would this have been acceptable to you in the greatest and freest country on our planet, our beautiful America?  Reader, I was denied my hopes and my American dreams four times.  I gave up in '60, '62, '65 and '69.  I picked up the torch for truth, justice and liberty in 1996 after I found my video tapes and recordings.  Never will I give up my American dream again.  There's still hope in my heart for a better day, for my race of Roma's, my loved ones and for myself.   

I still believe in our humanity.

   Some of you I suppose might say, Jerry Mason, you're looking for tea and sympathy because you're singing career didn't pan out for you in the entertainment industry.  Please let me assure you this is not the case if you listen to my recordings and view my five TV excerpts on Youtube.
My artistry as a singer, songwriter and entertainer will attest to this fact.  But I am searching for belated justice from any of my fellow human beings who are willing to give it in my endeavor for true freedom for my race of Romas all over our world.

As a youngster, my fight was for my career, fame and fortune.  As I grew older, it became a fight against serious and degrading poverty.  When I became a man my fellow human beings forced me to make it a fight for God's true freedom for my race all over our world.  Not any of us have the right to bring misery to any person on our planet or for that matter any race.  God never sent us a hand written letter of authorization to do these acts of cruelty to each other.  Were are our God given brains?  We're all on the brink of global war.  We all should lay down our firearms and go home, we have a bigger problems than to shoot at each other and to get shot at.  For example, we have to put food on the table, cloth our loved ones, get a decent house to live in, cure the disease in our world and much more than this for God to accept us into his Kingdom. 

 These are our real problems. 

Reader, if you don't help my race of Roma's.  If they don't help, if nobody helps, and thus far they have not.  What will become of my Roma race all over our world.  Will my Roma race remain the punching bag for all the other nationalities of our world?  And if this situation contiunes to stay this way for us then I ask you where is the truth, where is the liberty, where is the justice that everybody talks about and that they shed their blood for and die for.  Where is it?  We've seen the movies, we've read the books, we've heard the speeches.  Aren't any of them true?  And if reader, these things apply for everyone on our planet and not for my Roma race, 
I ask you, isn't there something wrong with this? Isn't this hypocracy?
For anyone to live without a glimmer of hope for a better tomorrow is a slow and agonizing living death.

   Mr. Mason is now 65 years of age and residing in Southern California. He is currently seeking finacial backing for publishing a book,  a producer for a broadway musical and a movie studio to do his auto biography.  Any of these three would help him in his good fight for God's True Freedom for all people and not just for some people. Mr. Mason feels if all three were done simultaneously this would kick the doors of prejudice down and allow the Roma (Gypsy) race to be free, to join the mainstream of life here on our planet Earth and be able to contribute their God given talents to society, for we too are human beings, we too are Americans and like you we too are God's children. 

Jerry Mason in his very first TV entertainment appearance on the

Wilkin's Amateur Hour in his hometown of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania 



If you wish you can email Mr. Mason at:  (626) 392 - 1663

 A special message to humanitarians all over our world

My story of endurance and triumphs

    Readers you might say, 'Jerry, we understand the endurance part, it’s what’s called the hard knocks of life. What we don’t understand is what triumphs do you speak of?   We’ve never heard of you or bought your recordings.  Please explain to us what  triumphs do you speak of?  

I'll explain.  In my youth I had hoped to record for major recording compaies, I did.  It was for Kapp, Chess and Swan recording labels. This was my first triumph.
I also hoped to sing on national television, I did.
I appeared on the show titled, 'The Big Beat' in New York City.
The host for that show was Mr. Allan Freed.  That was in 1959.
Then I appeared on 'The Shindig Show' for abc Studios in Los Angeles.  The producers for that show were, Mr. Jack Good and Mr. Jimmy O'neill.  This was in 1965.  During that same time, I also did an appearance on a show titled, 'Hollywood a Go Go'.  The host for that show was Mr. Sam Riddle.  This show was also in Los Angeles.
These TV appearances were my second triumph.
  My greatest triumph of all was when God and His Son Jesus Christ allowed my loved ones and I to find them.  These are the triumphs of which I speak.

Jerry in 1962

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Jerry sings Viva Las Vegas on the Shindig Show 1965

If you wish to enlighten yourself more about my Roma race, please read on.


 In my youth I can remember what a wonderful and exciting feeling it was to have hopes and dreams.
To try for a better tomorrow and that maybe tomorrow
one might become a winner in life.
Hopes and dreams are a Gift from God.
God starts up our engines
And in this startup we as human beings accelerate
And fight to achieve our goals to succeed.
God gave us these two gifts of hopes and dreams 

    Mr. Mason says of Mr. Bennett, "Tony has a heart of gold, not only while he's singing to you but also behind the stage curtain. (He tried to help me twice) Thanks Tony, hope to see you again soon. "
Sincerely JM

Here is another one of Jerry Mason's idols, singer Mr. Jerry Vale, taken in 1989.

Readers I’d written to many moguls of our entertainment industry since I found my recordings in 1996 and no response from them. Have these moguls of the entertainment industry forgotten that their grandparents were immigrants and came here to this country for a better life? Have they forgotten that technically we are all foreigners to this land? That it really belonged to the Indians who were here before our Pilgrims landed.
  From God this was my endurance for my past and present rejections.
I believe in all these rejections that it is now a fitting time for someone from our entertainment industry to help me in my endeavor to bring my music to the world's people, in that I too, will have a fair American chance.

Frank Busseri, Jerry Mason, John D’Arc, Jimmy Arnold
---  1969  --- 

Please allow me to take this moment in time
To thank the four companies who are now presenting my music to you

With all my heart
I say thank you to the people at
CD Baby

For without their help
My effort to fight for God’s true freedom would not be possible.
They believe in true freedom for all people
And not just for some people
As we say in show biz,
You're a class act!
Bravo to all of you

And now my representation on behalf of my Roma race. 

Our good Lord Jehovah Jihra and 
His wonderful Son Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior 
Have chosen me to do a monumental task
And that is to represent to you my Roma race
I pray for our Lord’s guidance
To give me the right words to convey to you
And that God’s words through me 
Will allow you to see the truth

Never has there ever been  
A flare of light as bright as this
Into the deep darkness of night
For the cry of God’s true freedom
For all people and not just for some people.

 My Roma race is swept out of existence from the four corners of our world. We suffer this hidden secret of hate, prejudice, discrimination, supression and oppression and we are given this dish of bitterness to eat twenty-four seven around our entire world. I sometimes ponder, who should my Roma race respect more when we're forced to endure humiliation, torture and death and complete and total indifference to our exsistence, the people who do these dreadful things to us in secret or the people who do these things to us openly. We the Roma race had thought that in the free countries that we were born in, this was our country and our flag too.  It saddens my heart deeply to say, unfortuneately this is not the case.  Our governments do not feel this way towards us in whatever country we're born in.  We are alienated from our fellow countrymen.  
  Throughout mankinds history, have we not tried to right a wrong to make it a better world for our future generations?  I ask you reader, should this injustice be allowed to continue towards my Roma race in this day and age, when you yourself do not want this kind of treatment for your loved ones, your race and yourself?
In 1997 I'd seen a documentary on the history channel titled "The Curse Of The Gypsies".  Until that time I did not know the true depth of my Roma races' trials and tribulations in the foreign countries of our world.  Later I saw a different documentary that showed my Roma race sleeping in the trees on the outskirts of a small town.  Once again this saddened my heart and caused me to ponder.  I assumed three things.  First, they're  not allowed in that town, second, they're not allowed to buy food in that town, third, they're not allowed to work in that town.  I guess they slept in the trees because the ground was too cold and that animals might attack them.  After I viewed this video another thought came to my mind, How does my Roma race eat in order to live?  Did that government of that small foreign town send trucks loaded with food, clothing and medical supplies to my Roma race or did they leave my Roma race out there to rot.   So now let us see if you and I have come to the same conclusion.  If my Roma race steals a loaf of bread or some clothing to survive, they are automatically considered by the authorities law breakers, gypsy theives and criminals, right?  Then the next step is to incarcerate the criminals.   Meanwhile the authorities have a job and they have money to buy food and clothing so that their loved ones can survive to live.  And above all, they're the good guys who caught the crook and saved the day for the honest citizen.  But no schools for my Roma race to educate them so they too can have a chance for a normal God given life.  I guess maybe it's cheaper for the governments who do this to us to let it go at that.   But how does one explain that to God?  I 'd have to say they're in a bit of a dilema there.  
If this alienation continues, I believe it will cripple all of mankind from going forward.  It will also regress mankind back to the Dark Ages.  It will negate all that we as human beings have believed in, suffered for, fought for, shed our blood for and ultimately died for.  
Today is Sat-Dec-15-07,  the time is 9:00AM .  I'm watching CNN News, on the ticker tape it read, countries will chip in 25 billion dollars to help the poor of our world.  How much of that money do you suppose will be allocated to the poor Roma's of our world?  I know of no charity fund for my Roma race anywhere on our planet Earth.  Do you?

 Through the years of my life as an American child, as an adult and now
As an elderly man I have heard the words 




Equality for all people

I’ve heard it from our school teachers
I’ve read it from authors in our libraries
I've heard it on our radios
I’ve read it in newspapers, from reporters
I’ve seen it on TV screens from our correspondence people
I’ve seen it in motion pictures
I’ve heard it from our politicians.
I’ve heard it from our presidents.
Our forefathers of
America have
Paid in blood and death for these words;
To be true for all people and not just for some people,
And yet these words have not graced
The American born Roma
Is this freedom?
Is this justice?
Is this liberty?
Is this equality for all people?
Most of all is this Godly?
Where are the Roma's civil humanitarian American rights? 


Humanitarians of our world
Is it not truth when I say to you we have conservationists for our lands, air and sea even for wildlife in countries many of us have never heard of?
In the midst of this there’s no help for my Roma race
From anyone, I cannot comprehend this.
Before us, it was the American Indians who were the forgotten Americans
Then it was the Hispanic race.
Then it was our black Americans.
Now, it is my Roma race who are the forgotten Americans

We too, need your help now just as they did.
I would like to explain to you why you hardly ever hear of a real gypsy in a higher educated professional field?
It’s because in the schools all over
our world that we attend, the moment our nationality is discovered
many are humiliated, tormented and beaten within an inch of our lives.
In foreign countries you can add death to this.
The school playgrounds of our world become a battle ground for us.
This is a nightmare and catastrophic deterrence against us.
Sad of heart and regrettably I must say it does work.

We the gypsy parents take our children out of school
Away from harms way.
As a parent, what would you do?
This inevitably makes us losers at the starting gate of our lives, so we wind up doing menial jobs or no jobs at all.
Is this justice for all?

The denied education and lack of it forces my Roma race to live in misery, ignorance and without hope for a better tomorrow.  this demoralizes and deterioates the human spirit.
Like a disease, it can spread to other nationalities, (you don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure out the next step).
When that happens, we won't have to wait for that meteoroid that's heading our way and will be here in twenty-five years
or for a more serious global warming, we will be annihilating each other on a global scale.

Then What?

Some will say, Jerry, we can't believe in what you say.  We don't see and hear any of this that you speak of on the news. I'll answer in this way.  Try this test if you will for yourself.
Tell your children or grandchildren to tell their classmates they are of the gypsy origin.  I can assure you it will not be long before they are in harms way.  

But please, don't really try this for two reasons.  I don't want your children to get seriously hurt and I don't want you to be disappointed when you find out what's really out there.
My Roma race is hated very harshly by the authorities around our world.  And here is the oxymorn to this, the authorities have more of their nationalities in the prison system of our world than my race of Romas.  Maybe on the whole planet Earth there're three hundred Romas incarcerated.  Stack that number against the other nationalities of our world.

In what I have said to you, is this not injustice, prejudice, hatred, suppression and oppression towards my Roma race?   

As educated and knowledgeable people, What words would you choose to describe it?

My description would be silent and secret extermination.

Jerry Mason and Robin Williams

 I’m hoping that someone out there will allow us grants for education for our own schools. In this offering I hope our Roma children will learn in peace and start to become productive citizens. 

Some Truths 

In World War Two documentaries scant coverage is given to the Roma nationality who suffered the nightmarish realities of the holocaust.  The other nationalities are mentioned but hardly a word is uttered about my gypsy race. Yet two million of us were exterminated by Nazi Germany.
Even in death we don’t get fair play.
General Eisenhower and the Allied forces found the treasures that the Germans had stolen from the countries they’d beaten in battle.  Thirteen floors down in salt mines they found 32 acres of gold bars
Priceless paintings, suitcases full of personal valuables that once belonged to living people who are now part of our history, as I have said. 
In this horrific extermination of precious life two million gypsies were also annihilated. General Eisenhower said to our soldiers and to the Allied Forces, “Keep your hands in your pockets boys.” 
We the good guys did not and neither did our Allies.
How much did they steal?  Millions, billions, trillions?
And currently in the News?
Enron, Com, Tyco, Fema, Mutual, Dell, Wallmart
How much have they stolen? 

Putting it all together, maybe this amount of money would match the number of stars in our galaxy.
Can anyone out there name me one gypsy lady fortune teller who’s ever stolen this amount of money? You can't can you?  Or for that matter name me one gypsy. Anybody. Some might say, 'Just Great, another race we have to hear from for the cry of true freedom'.  If this thought does come to your mind, I can only say this, be thankful to God that I am writing this message to our world's people on behalf of my Roma race for God's true freedom and not you for your race of people.


Greed in our country is taking away the American dream.  No more dreams for a home because of high sales prices.  Our colleges are doing the same thing.    Some people who push a pencil instead of a gun rob legally, because they know how. Our honest American people, will they wind up sleeping in their cars or sleeping bags or cardboard boxes.  I always thought that anyone who extremely overcharges for his product or service is a crook. 
Have you ever heard of any gypsies on shooting sprees in our American resturaunts or in our schools, or in our malls, or in our churches? Have you ever heard of any gypsies to kidnap someone or to rape someone, or to molest a child, or to abuse a child?  May I also inject, we have no gangs or arsonists who destroy people's property or for that matter God's creation.   And yet inspite of this truth that I have said to you, there is a ferocity of hate that humanity has toward my Roma race that staggers one's imagination.
 With this ferocity of hate that most humans have towards us, one would tend to believe that my gypsy race is the only race in the world to occupy all the prisons in our world, this of course, is untrue. The fact is, as I have said before, my gypsy race is the least of all races among the world population numbers to occupy the prisons. 
Hard to believe right?  And the authorities all over our world know this to be true.
But I guess with a name tag of “gypsy” it would be hard for anyone to believe otherwise.  Don’t take my word for this, call your local law enforcement as to whether I’ve said truth to you or not they know the numbers for sure.
Let them tell you how many Romas they’ve arrested today
Then ask them, how many they arrested of the other nationalities.

We have an old American saying (in all probability we invented it) and it is this, 'There's good and bad in every race' 

Reader I ask you now, do you believe this saying of ours also applies to my Roma race as well?

I have racked my brain as to why my Roma race is so cruelly mistreated around all of our world and this thought keeps coming to my mind. The word gypsy, I believe, generalizes us to all as gypsy thieves, this is not a just depiction of us.

Humanitarians, I am aware that there are Romas who commit crimes.  I do not condone it when a member of my Roma race commits a crime but now here is the difference
When other nationalities commit a crime and they pay their debt to society, it’s forgive and forget
When my gypsy race commits a crime and they paid their debt to society, we’re still branded gypsy thieves forever.
Even our innocent ones,
Where does your justice stand in this? 

1965 Mr. Jack Good Producer of the Shindig TV show
A gentle soul, a freedom fighter, a true English gentleman

Mr. Jimmie O'neil friend and TV talk show host.
The best of the best

 Humanitarians, I would like to tell you who we, the Roma race, really are,
the good and wonderful things about us 
We love to laugh
We love to sing
We love to dance
We love to play musical instruments
Music is the world to us
We’re also artists who love to paint.
We love to cook
We love to embroider
We love to work with metal
We love to love
We have zeal to live not die. 

With these endowments from our Lord, I believe we too can contribute our God given talents to society.
And most of all we love God and his wonderful Son, Jesus Christ,
Who has come to earth to save all of us. 

Humanitarians, I have pondered this thought many times since 1965 as to seeing all the wars our America has fought up to our present day, this is the thought.  During the time I fought for my career as a singing artist from 1957 to 1965 and from the time I found my music in 1996 to our present now, my cry for God’s true freedom fell upon deaf ears. 
Have these people who’ve destroyed my hopes and American dream for my loved ones, for my Roma race and for myself, have they then and now allowed their loved ones to shed their blood and to die for freedom when they themselves did not believe in God's true freedom for all people?

  And if some of them had done this, is this not hypocrisy, to themselves, to their loved ones, to their country but most of all to God? 
When they pass from this world to our Father’s kingdom in heaven, how will they answer Him?

Will it be like this?

“Father I believed in true freedom for people but not for all the people.
  You know what I mean Father, just for the ones I liked”
Will this be acceptable to a just God?
 Is this not sin in the sight of God?
To thine own self be true. 
Readers, The famous group of guitarists
Known the world over as The Gipsy Kings
Are not real gypsies
Not one in the group speaks our language
As to why I would mention this to you
I wanted you to know that the door of true freedom
Has not been opened to all of us yet anywhere on our planet

Some of you out there might say, 'If the word Gypsy is not a nationality, then why do you tell people you're Gypsies?'  WE DON'T

We were tagged with this humiliating and degrading slang word by other nationalities in our world and it stuck to us till this present day.  

Readers would you walk up to a black American and call him the n-word?  Would you call a American Hispanic a spic?  Would you call an  American asian  chink, slanted eyes or nip?  Would you call an American  Italian  wap?  Of course you wouldn't because you know this is wrong and offensive to them.  We the Roma race find the word Gypsy offensive to us as well.  My ethnic origin is Greek, Italian and part Russian.  My nationality is American.
 If in any part of this message you feel I fabricated to you or exaggerated to you, do this simple thing. Go to your mirror and ask your mirror image if I fabricated to you or I exaggerated to you in what I have said.  You will get your answer.  It will be God’s spirit speaking to your heart.  Then you will know the truth.  Will this mean that you will suddenly have a change of heart toward my Roma race if you are truly against us?  Perhaps not. Only God can change man’s heart.  All I have done is to convey his message of truth to you.  If you still say Jerry Mason’s words are not truth then the holocaust was not truth.  Premiere Stalin killing 20 million of his own people is not truth.  And the 50 million people or more who died in WW II is not truth or for that matter neither is the atomic bomb truth.

Through the years of my life I have seen time and time again the compassionate hearts of my fellow Americans and humanitarians around the world that have always been there for those in times of hopelessness and great crisis.
When our American forefathers liberated us to make us a great nation, Americans have always felt a godly and moral obligation to help others 
with food,
medical supplies
Billions of dollars in aid and also firearms to defend themselves against their oppressors
And Most of all our American soldiers who have shed their blood and have given the greatest sacrifice of all, their lives.
 A people such as my fellow Americans who do these heroic deeds are greater than themselves. When the occasion arises, they arise to the occasion.  I am proud to be one of you, an American.
  I ask you now my fellow Americans and our humanitarians and Christian sisters and brothers around the world to join me in my good fight for God’s true freedom for all people and not just for some people.  
We the Roma race have been abandon and shunned away many times in history, please know this,  I’ve never asked my fellow Americans to shed their blood for me or to die for me nor has anyone else in my Roma race, nor are we asking that of you now. On behalf of my Roma race all I humbly ask is for humanity to now allow us to contribute to society and to be a part of life's main stream.  
Allow us also to sit at humanities table with you. 

My hopes for the future is to raise funds for the first American Roma foundation for all our Romas here in America and around all of our world to build convalescent homes for our old, to build a hospital for our sick, to build schools for our education and to build a college.  These would be freely available to any Roma who needs these helps.  I also hope to have a dialogue with our president Mr. Bush and his lovely first lady Mrs. Laura Bush and other politicians, President Bill Clinton and his lovely lady Mrs. Hillary Clinton, Mr. Joe Lieberman, Mrs. Nancy Pelosi, former president Jimmy Carter, Mr. Joe Biden, Mr. Fred Thomson and Mr. Al Gore also  Ms. Condoleezza  Rice and  Vice President  Mr.  Dick   Cheney.

I would like to try to bring parentless Roma children from foreign countries here to our America who are abused sick and hungry. This will be a chance of survival for them to live.  The education will be for my Roma race to finally become part of our main stream society of life here on our planet earth. My starting point for trying to achieve these goals will be (God willing) I’ll start concert tours. From these tours I will donate half the proceeds to the first American Roma Fund.  

To finalize my hopes and dreams I wish to build a Roma Christian Church in each of our American cities and in foreign countries as well. 

Readers all around our world, my father and mother were born Americans, I am a born American, I was born in Pittsburg Pennsylvania, pumpkin pie country doesn’t this make America my country too?  I thought it did and still do.   I pray that this correspondence to you will help to change the destinies of my Roma race towards a better and brighter future not only for my Roma race but for all people in our world.  I believe that day will come.

 Let me reiterate,
To the music listeners of our world
I now humbly wait for your response.

 God bless our America the Beautiful
Our home sweet home
She is the best
And our lord and Savior Jesus Christ said
He among you who is without sin
Let him cast the first stone.

Jerry Mason
An American Qome

  My testimony for the Lord Jesus
I’ve never said this in church but I say it to all people around our world now,
Ladies and Gentlemen of our world
Today is July 3, 2007
I watched a Christian program
by our pastor, Mr. John Hagee and Mr. Bill McKay, film maker.
They spoke of Israeli soldiers stuck in a mine field
The soldiers started to pray
Suddenly out of nowhere a great wind blew
exposing the explosives and making them visible to the soldiers
allowing them to walk out in safety.

The Lord had answered their prayer.

In this listening God spoke to my heart and mind
And told me to tell you my story.
I have bad discs in my back, L4 and L5
My back has laid me down many times
One particular time my back went out again and
 it laid me down for two and a half months
I couldn't even walk twenty feet to the bathroom
this time I knew it was more serious.
Days past and afterward an earthquake came along
And I couldn't run out of the house to save myself.
I was stuck, I just sat there in the bed.
A thought came to me after the earthquake
What if the house had caught on fire?
 I would not have been able to run out of the house to save myself.
Later on that night I was thinking how could I try to commit suicide
I didn’t want to get stuck as a handicapped person and to be a burden
To others for the rest of my life.
I then fell asleep and Lo and behold, I saw Jesus, He was sitting on the chair next to my bedside.
He was in prayer.
My eyes were closed and yet I could still see Him!
I saw his dark red hair set upon his shoulders
And his beard.
He was wearing a white robe with a thin white rope around his waist
He didn't look at me, He didn't talk to me,
He just sat there praying to our Father in Heaven
The next day I struggled to get up. I made it to the bathroom.
I too was stuck in the mine field and the Lord allowed me to walk out
And I say this to you
We can’t save ourselves from the hidden mine fields of darkness
Only Jesus can do that
Blessed be the name of the Lord
Jehovah Jirah
And praise His son Jesus Christ our Savior

A special thanks to my new found friend
Mr. Art More for your time and courtesy, you too sir are God’s soldier for true freedom.


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Crystal Room New York City   1960
(left to right)
Tony the Matre D and Jay Storch, from motion picture Stalag 17 
(Jay's famed brother was Larry Storch from TV series F Troop )

Robert Duval, Dora and Jerry
Tasting wine of good cheer together in 1982

Jerry Mason Shindig Appearance February 10, 1965
Mr. Jack Good Producer has just called Jerry to step up to the stage from the audience

Jerry Mason - Frank Busseri - John D'Arc - Jimmie Arnold

Mr. Mason's Father Stevo and Jerry at the tender age of 5 and his second cousin Mada.

Nina and Stevo
I thank you Lord for the blessings of the parents you assigned me to
You Lord are the perfect Casting Director
I love you Mom
I love you Dad
Your son Jerry

If you wish to contact Jerry Mason in person (626) 392-1663

Ladies and Gentlemen of our world, I ask for your indulgence a bit longer, this too is of great importance for you to see and hear.
When I first wrote my website about six months ago I had no proof of our mistreatment that our Roma race receives around our world. 
It saddens my heart deeply to say now I have proof for you.
To see moving footage click on images below.

still from gypsy woes

still from gypsy woes
So it's not enough that my gypsy race in Romania are poor,
hungry and cold and no house to cover them up.  The officer gives an extra
added attraction by hitting the man on the back of the  head with his billy club
in front of his children.  (I saw no resistance of arrest, did you?) Does he laugh in the precinct with his fellow officers at what he has just done?
Was he done or did he inflict more damage to the man off camera, in the cell?
Does this officer go home and sit down to dinner with his loved ones
And that night does he make love to his wife like the events of that day
never happened?  Shame on him and all the oppressors to our humanity.  
You embarrass us in the sight of God and His Son Jesus Christ and their angels above.
And this case is not just an isolated incident.
It would be a good thing if we the humanitarians of our world could stop the injustice of our world once and for all.

Everyone on our planet is allowed to hope, to dream and to achieve their goals in life but not my gypsy race.
We're not enslaved by one country or one nationality but by all countries and all nationalities.  How did the oppressors of our world come to this conclusion against our Roma race and others?  I'll always wonder who gave them the authority to do this to us.  Was it their education that gave them the right?  
It wasn't God, It's not in his Bible to do this to us.  
So obviously they took this upon themselves because of their positions in life.  
They believe they have the right to do these cruel and unjust things to us.
To the humanitarians of our world,
I emplore you to help me change this silent and secret extermination against us.  
I certainly wish to do so and am seeking ways in which I can correct this condition.
The country of Romania takes offense to the gypsies
who are born there and call themselves Romanians.  
What do they expect them to call themselves when they're born there?  
When some of my gypsy race is born here in our America, what do my fellow country men expect us to call ourselves other than Americans?  
You call yourselves Americans when you are born on our American soil.  Shouldn't we be allowed to do the same?

To the oppressors of our world.  

For a while, you will enjoy and revel in the afflictions you bring to humanity.  And for a while you will escape your punishment.  But it will be short lived.  Rest assured, one day you will be held accountable to our Lord and is Son, Jesus Christ.  

You will be asked, "Why have you done this?"
What shall you answer?

Final Entry

Today is Tuesday, April 1st, 2008

          Ladies and gentlemen of our world, I wish to tell you about my wife Andora Mason.  
She had boundless God given energy of love for my children and me.

           It saddens my heart deeply that I was not able to afford the luxuries of life that men dream of giving to their wives.  I believe I did the best that I could for her.  She accepted that in me, why I'll never know.

           My Dora was the greatest cook on this planet Earth.  People who ate from her food remember it with every one hundreth breath they take throughout their lives.   It was beyond anything you can imagine.

The Vision In My Mind

God says to Dora, "Dora I've waited to taste from your food for 77 years.
 Cook for Me now and for My Son Jesus Christ and for My Holy Spirit and for My trillions of angels."

Dora Does As Our Lord Asks Her To Do

Then she takes her kitchen apron off and turns and walks toward the pearly doors of Heaven.  God says to Dora, "Dora, where are you going?"  And she answers Him with a smile and twinkle in her eyes,
"Surely you know Father, I must go to the door now to wait for my Jerry Mason.

Then when our Father in Heaven calls upon me,
I go through the doors of Heaven and she is to my left at the age of 33 as I am also
She greets me with her wonderful smile and I kiss her face and her hands
and together we enter our Lord's Kingdom forever.

And here's the nicest part of my vision.  When I do go to our Father in Heaven
For Dora it will be like I was right behind her all the time.  And the reason for that is, there is  no time clock, no beginning of it, no middle of it, no end of it.
 Our Good Lord called my Dora on Good Friday, March 21st 2008.

Dora you were my good friend,
you were my lover,
you were my wife.


Thank You Andora Mason for your Love and Your Patience towards Me

In having known you and sharing my life with you, I'm a better man for it. 
You were my personalgreat lady,

your husband Jerry, love you forever.  Known to you as
                                                                                                                         Your Butchy Bear

My Dora, you and I, will sail again in our Father's Kingdom of Heaven