Water Fasting

Jesusí message to the lost



1.      Jesus said, I am the Way and the Truth and the Life†† John 14:6

2.      Jesus said, Man does not live by bread alone Matt 4:4

3.      Jesus said, those who follow me will fastMatt 9:15

4.      Jesus said, unless one is born of water and the Spirit he cannot enter into the kingdomJohn 3:5

5.      Jesus said, The kingdom of God is within youLuke 17:21

6.      Jesus said to understand the Parable of the SowerMark 4:13

7.      Water fasting is the Mustard seedMatt 13:31

8.      Jesus said my burden is lightMatt 11:30

9.      Fasting is like going into your room and closing the doorMatt 6:6

10.  Wisdom is justified by her children, her fruit, and thirty, sixty, a hundred fold. Matt 11:19,13:8

11.  Destroy this temple and I will raise it in three daysJohn 2:19-21

12.  Commit to fasting on the Path Matt 13:4

13.  It must take root past the StonesMatt 13:5

14.  The impure spirit seeks a resting place.†† Matt 12:43

15.  It must continue beyond the thornsMatt 13:7

16.  All the way walking on waterMatt 14:22

17.  Water must be turned into the finest wine.John 2:1-11

18.  The kingdom of heaven is like finding treasure buried in a fieldMatt 13:44

19.  You will sort from things new and oldMatt 13:52

20.  The kingdom of heaven is like leaven in this wayMatt 13:33

21.  When fasting bring your crossMatt 16:24-26

22.  Calm the Storm that comesMark 4:35-41

23.  You must lose your life, on the cross you broughtLuke 9:24

24.  Jesus is the gateJohn 10:9

25.  In the beginning is the wordJohn 1:1

26.  Become born again through itJohn 3:3

27.  You have arrived at the good soilMatt 13:23

28.  Be like children, ask and seek†† Matt 18:3

29.  The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand†† Matt 4:17

30.  You are the light and the saltMatt 5:14-16

31.  Expect the spiritual bread to multiplyJohn 6:25

32.  The Father will reward you in secretMatt 6:4

33.  From here forth let your yes mean yes and no mean no, you build a solid foundationMatt 5:37

34.  Worship the Father in Spirit and TruthJohn 4:23

35.  Do not judgeMatt 7: 1

36.  Do not give your pearls to swineMatt7:6

37.  The Swine cannot walk on water, they drownMatt 8:32

38.  Jonas and the whale comes when those who see are blindedMatt 12:39

39.  Let your eye be simple, the pure in heart will see GodMatt 6:22

40.  Itís not those who say Lord, Lord†† Matt 7:21




Water Fasting Ė Jesusí message to the lost



1.      Jesus came for the lost. The lost were in desperate need of a guide.Jesus said I am the way and the truth and the life. Fasting while repenting was Jesusí way.

2.      Jesus fasted on water for 40 days and nights.Jesus said, Man does not live by bread alone.

3.      Jesus said those who follow him will fast.

4.      Jesus said you must be born of water and Spirit.The self dies away and from its lifelessness emerges a Heavenly Spirit.A Spirit is born from spirit.

5.      All change happens from within.An enthusiasm is born.

6.      The Sower Parable is about Fasting and Repentance to the Good Soil.

7.      The Seed is Fasting, the word of God.The tiniest seed, water fasting.

8.      No continual information filled lectures.A simple plan.

9.      Fasting is like shutting the world out, when you pray go in your room and (shut the door.)

10.  The Wisdom of fasting is seen in its fruit.

11.  Three days of Fasting and Repentance rebuilds oneís Spiritual Temple.

12.  The Path is where you begin the fast.The commitment is vulnerable to distractions.

13.  The Rocky Soil is the period of time where the commitment to fasting must take root.

14.  If oneís spirit is Impure or compromised, it lacks perseverance. It seeks a resting place.

15.  The Thorns are the worries of life that interfere with the commitment of fasting.

16.  On a daily basis we are to walk on water.

17.  Water must become our finest wine.

18.  We connect with the Holy Spirit our buried treasure that directs our life.

19.  Fasting and repentance brings into focus what is relevant in our lives.

20.  Fasting and repentance expands our vision and purpose.

21.  When Jesus said to bring our cross, he meant that we must not trapeze fast, Ďalong for the rideí.

22.  Extending the fast beyond The Storm we must calm.

23.  We must lose the battle with our own cravings for food.We die to that desire.

24.  Jesus is at the Gate to the Good Soil of Heaven.

25.  We must lock with the word that directs us.

26.  We leave the old self and perform Holy Spirit First.

27.  This is the Good Soil, where we end up.

28.  Like a child we move along our way, asking and seeking.

29.  We live On Earth as it is in Heaven

30.  We maintain faith and become a light

31.  The Father rewards us with ideas or gifts or bread from heaven.

32.  Who knows how it takes place.What is impossible with man is possible with God.

33.  Just let our yes mean yes and our no mean no.

34.  We become the prayer when we fast.

35.  Do not Judge.

36.  Sharing ahard earned truth can be used against you.Be careful who you share it with.

37.  The rebellious spirit came out of the man and went into the swine.

38.  The Whale is the Darkness that swallows those who do not follow the Truth.

39.  Let your eye be simple.

40.  Itís not those who say Lord, Lord who enter the kingdom of heaven.